All Hail King Conte

Chelsea are the English Premier League champions for the second time in three seasons, with all the attention on Manchester at the start of the season Antonio Conte masterminded a dominate title win for a team who finished tenth last season.

After a season full of turmoil Chelsea rediscovered their form this season under Conte and won the league with a massive points difference to closest rival Tottenham. While all the attention was on Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho at the start of the season, it was the new manager at Chelsea Antonio Conte who stole their thunder.

Having started with a 4-2-4 formation Conte soon changed his formation after a bad 3-0 defeat to Arsenal, switching it to a 3-4-3 seemed to work wonders. Chelsea never looked back after that moment and have been unstoppable ever since.

Players like Victor Moses and Marcos Alonso flourished in that formation and it will be interesting to see whether Conte will stick to that formation next season. Having won the league Chelsea are on for a double, and will face Arsenal in the final of the FA cup. Whatever happens in that match it will have been a fantastic season for Chelsea and amazing first season for Conte, but the real work starts next season with Chelsea now in the Champions League how will they cope with the added games and will teams know now how to play against their formation.