Champions League Semi Finals: First Leg

Goals goals goals and more goals. The Champions League has been filled with loads of goals this season and the semi finals were no different.

The two games could easily be summed up by the names of two players, Cristiano Ronaldo and Gonzalo Higuain. The first game of the week saw a repeat of the final in last year’s Champions League between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid. Atletico were hoping for some revenge and felt that over two legs they could get the better of Real, rather than a one of game in the final. It didn’t go to plan for Atletico as Ronaldo has proven all the doubters wrong again that he is still one of the best players in the world. He scored a fantastic hat trick, he could have even scored more and he even set up one great chance for Karim Benzema, who nearly scored a fantastic overhead kick. Real Madrid ended up 3-0 winners and look like they already have one foot in the final, but with the second game at Atletico anything could happen. If Real don’t keep up the intensity they showed in this game who knows what might happen.

If Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid felt one sided, well AS Monaco vs Juventus was definitely one of the most open games you’ll ever see. Juventus were magnificent in every department from defence to attack. All you have to do is watch Higuain’s first goal to see how they move from one end to another. That’s not to say that Monaco were bad, they were actually incredibly good the only thing that held them back was their inexperience. Juventus’ second goal proved that point as well, when TiemouĂ© Bakayoko started over playing in the middle of the pitch and lost the ball Juventus went up the other end and scored. You didn’t see Juventus make any mistakes like that because of how experienced they are.

Obviously there is still the second leg to come in both ties, but after these first leg results it looks like it could be a Real Madrid and Juventus final in Cardiff. It would take a miracle for both Atletico and Monaco to come back, but both teams have surprised us before so you never know.