Icelandic Premier League Starts

The Urvalsdeild starts this weekend it is the equivalent of the English Premier League in Icelandic football.

Having done so well in the Euros last summer Icelandic football has become part of the mainstream. Football fans have taken a keen interest in Iceland since the Euros in France last summer, and thanks to their success the Icelandic Federation spilt out the prize money they won to all the club teams in Iceland.

This means that the league should be really competitive this year thanks to that money. This season will also be an opportunity to see the next generation of talent coming out of Iceland, many clubs will be looking for the next Gylfi Sigurdsson this season in the Urvalsdeild.

The current holders of the Urvalsdeild are Fimleikafélag Hafnarfjarðar who have won the title two years in a row, while the most successful team that has ever competed in the Urvalsdeild are Knattspyrnufélag Reykjavíkur who have won the title 26 times. FH will be competing in the Champions League qualifying stages this year and with the league starting this weekend, by the time the Champions League comes around they could be in great form. This could help them get further in the competition and prove to a lot of people that Iceland is a serious footballing nation that they will have to keep an eye on.