You Are My Larsson

After 23 years in the Allsvenskan the top division in Sweden, Helsingbrogs IF got relegated this week after losing their relegation play off against Halmstad.

The result saw fans run onto the pitch and attacked Jordan Larsson son of the Helsingborgs’ Manager the Swedish legend Henrik Larsson.

Henrik started to fight his own team’s fans in order to protect his son, and as a result Henrik resigned as Helsingborgs manager a few days later. Helsingborgs time under Larsson hadn’t been very fruitful resulting in their relegation, but it will be interesting to see where Henrik goes next as he is clearly a passionate manager and was a world class player with plenty of football knowledge.

During their 23 years back in the Allsvenskan Helsingborgs IF won two league titles, they will be hoping that after this relegation they can come back better and stronger.