Red Bull Gives You Wings

They are the most hated football club in the country, but after ten games in their debut season in the Bundesliga RB Leipzig are second to Bayern Munich only by goal difference.

Known as RasenBallsport Leipzig which translates as Lawn Ball Sport Leipzig, RB Leipzig were bought by the drinks manufacturer Red Bull in 2009. They took over a club called SSV Markranstadt that was playing in the fifth division in Germany and have now brought them to the pinnacle of German football the Bundesliga. This is significant because for any company to start a football team in Germany they have to start from the very bottom as the Bundesliga 1 and 2 won’t let in any football team with outside investment just come straight into the top two divisions. In Germany clubs give their supporters a lot of power with the 50+1 rule meaning that fans have deciding power over a lot of decisions, so what RB Leipzig did was to make membership so expensive that no one would join meaning they didn’t break the rules and also that no fans would pay that kind of money.

You may be wondering why they aren’t called Red Bull Leipzig and there is a simple explanation for this. Teams in the Bundesliga can not have a sponsorship in a teams name meaning that RB Leipzig had to get rid of Red Bull and replace with RasenBallsport which means nothing at all. You may be thinking now but sure Bayer Leverkusen how can they have Bayer in their name when that is a pharmaceutical company, well that is a bit more simple to answer as Bayer Leverkusen were founded over 100 years ago by workers in the Bayer factories who then went on to form the football team.

If you are just a football fan who doesn’t really care about what a are or what they are about, then RB Leipzig would probably interest you greatly. This is a team who have got to the Bundesliga from the fifth division in Germany in the space of 7 years, not only that but they are the first Former East German side to reach the Bundesliga since 2009.

RB Leipzig also have a strong football model by buying young players to develop them into stars they are getting the best out of them and making a profit whenever they sell them on. The best example of this is Joshua Kimmich who signed for Leipzig from Stuttgart and now has gone on to become a first team regular at Bayern Munich. For football fans in Britain Leipzig are also interesting as they have this season just bought the young Scottish winger Oliver Burke for £13 Million, and he looks like he is going to be a fantastic prospect.

You might not care about the history and downfalls of a team like RB Leipzig but a lot of football fans do and that is why they are one of the most hated clubs in Germany. No matter whether you hate them, you like them or you do not really care about them, you can’t argue that RB Leipzig are an interesting story and if they keep up this form for the rest of the season who knows where they might end up.