Let’s All Do The European Dance

On Friday night Derry City came back from 1-0 down to beat Bohemians 2-1 to guarantee that they qualified for the Europa League qualifying stage next season.


For many people reading this it will seem strange that a team has qualified for the Europa League for next season already, but Derry City play in the Republic of Ireland’s Premier Division which takes place from February till November. This means that while most leagues across Europe are still being play the Irish Premier Division is in it’s off season. Derry City will enter the qualifying stages of the Europa League next season and after Dundalk’s amazing performances in Europe, and of course in the Europa League group stages at the moment it might have a positive knock-on effect for Derry.


Because of Dundalk’s success in Europe it should improve Ireland’s standing in the European coefficient meaning that Irish teams might be handed better draw or maybe even pushed further into the qualifying rounds as a result. Not only would this be fantastic for Derry and other teams in Ireland for being able to qualify for the Champions League or the Europa League, it will also mean more money being brought in as the further they go in the competition the more money they receive. So if Derry start in the later rounds of qualifying they will get considerably more money they would have if they started in the first round.


Derry City have had some memorable nights in Europe in recent history including beating IFK Goteburg and Gretna FC. While also playing some in big games against Paris Saint Germain and Trabzonspor.


Some of Derry City’s European adventures have taken them to Scotland, Wales, France, Turkey, Sweden, Bulgaria and even as far away as Armenia. Derry City’s fans will be looking forward to more adventures like that next season, while also hoping that they can win a few games and keep the journey going.