Jamie Vardy is Having a Party

Congratulations Leicester City on winning the Premier League title when no one believed they would do it at the start of the season. Even the bookies had put them down as 5000 to 1 to win the league, but they did it and they fully deserved it too having lead the league for the majority of the season, having only lost three games.


Claudio Ranieri was considered a terrible appointment by many pundits last summer after failing with Greece and even losing to the Faroe Islands which eventually got him the sack as Greece manager. Not only that but his record with clubs such as Juventus, Roma and Inter Milan had always seen him finish second, and the chances that he would take a team like Leicester City to the league title seemed far fetched.


The Leicester City story makes you believe that anything is possible, and who knows with Leicester in the Champions League next season could they go on and make it another surprising season?