He’s Done It Again

After scoring on his European debut and then scoring two goals on his Premier League debut, Marcus Rashford has now scored in his first ever Manchester Derby. If Rashford was to never score another goal for United again he would still go down a legend in United fan’s eyes in the same way that Kiko Macheda and Diego Forlan have done.


The difference between Rashford, Forlan and Macheda is that Rashford is a local Manchester boy who rose up through the ranks at Manchester United, while Forlan and Macheda were brought into the team from foreign countries. Diego Forlan scored two goals against Liverpool at Anfield to win the match 2-1, but never had a great time at United but went on to Spain to become a world class goalscorer. Kiko Macheda scored the winning goal against Aston Villa to win the League Title for United in 2009, but could never keep those performances up and was eventually sold to Cardiff City. While Rashford is of similar age to Macheda the pressure on him and the Man United team are different from Macheda’s time. Man United aren’t fighting for the league and Rashford has come into the team because of so many injuries to key players. What Rashford is doing is amazing as no one expected him to be playing and no one has expected him to be playing so many games for United.

Not only was the Manchester derby a great day for Marcus Rashford but it was also a great day for Manchester United as well. Having won 1-0 thanks to Rashford, Manchester United are now one point behind Man City and in with a chance of qualify for the Champions League. Manchester City must be looking nervously over their shoulders now as not only do they have United chasing them they also have a West Ham team who have been on amazing form this season and could also end up in the Champions League spots.

Martin Demichelis, Sergio Aguero, Yaya Toure and David Silva look dejected after Marcus Rashford scored the first goal for Manchester United

If and it is a big if, Manchester City do not qualify for the Champions League next season what will Pep Guardiola do? Will he still end up going to Man City and managing them in the Europa League or does he have a get out clause that allows him to not take up the job if Man City are not in the Champions League next season. This season has been so strange and exciting and it still has loads of twists and turns left, as well as some big implications for next season.