He’s making a list he’s checking it twice…..

It’s less than a month to go till Christmas Day so there is no better time to have a look at the FC Santa Claus.


One of the most Christmas themed football teams you will ever see FC Santa Claus are from Rovaniemi in the northernmost province of Lapland which is situated in Finland. Their links to Lapland gave them the perfect excuse to use Santa as their club logo and mascot, they play in red and white of course and I am sure their fans have plenty of Christmas themed chants for their team.


FC Santa Claus play in the Third Division of Finnish Football but have gathered a cult following through their name and where they are situated. They have a website http://www.fcsantaclaus.fi/ if you can speak Finnish you will understand it, but they also have an English twitter page which will keep you up to date with goings on at Santa Claus https://twitter.com/fcsantaclaus. They are a fun team to follow and you won’t find many football teams based around Christmas so for this time of year why not give Santa Claus your support.