Irland begrüßt die Weltmeister/Ireland welcomes the World Champions

Guten Tag und willkommen to all the German fans coming to Ireland for tonight’s game between the Republic of Ireland and Germany.

Not only are Ireland welcoming the World Champions to Dublin tonight but they are also welcoming a nation that Ireland have always seem to have a close relationship with. Ireland and Germany are very similar in a lot of senses, therefore the games are always exciting and it is a chance to get over to Germany or Ireland to meet people who you get along with. Not to say the football hasn’t been exciting as some of the matches between the two countries have produced some memorable games.

The last time Germany came to Ireland was for the 2014 World Cup qualification and they hammered Ireland 6-1, but the most recent game was an exciting 1-1 in Gelsenkirchen with John O’Shea scoring a dramatic last minute equaliser for Ireland against the newly crowd World Champions. Tonight’s game is a chance for Ireland to try and push for an automatic qualification spot, and with Poland away in their next game they will be looking to take advance of a home game against a German team who should secure automatic qualification in their last game at home to Georgia.

Of course Ireland’s love for Germany comes some what  from Euro 1988 which was held in West Germany at the time, Ireland’s first major tournament and an unforgettable one for Irish fans, I will attach a Christy Moore song that will explain it all. So not only will the match tonight be enjoyable and exciting, no matter what the result the German and Irish fans will have great craic and I’m sure there will be plenty of beer drunk tonight.